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Motorcycle clutch works: When your car at the very start, the wheel is still, to get the motorcycle in the stationary state to the state of motion, then thrust is a great big, than the car is in motion, depress the clutch in first gear, well driven gear wheels ready to hang a file is slow gear to gear, when you loose clutch, slow gearwheel drive gear rely on, you lift fast, which rely on fast, slow you lift it by the slow, when the car started.If your motorcycle clutch lift quickly, then two gears immediately engaging the engine output power is insufficient, because the car is stationary, the car reaches the speed of a file, then the car will suddenly a move, and then flameout. To overcome the force is greater than the engine output, that is, the engine can not push your car, so the gear was stuck, the engine stalled. So that's why the start of the motorcycle to refuel door, lift the clutch to slow the principle. Motorcycle Brake Clutch levers is the most easy broken part, so it is the best sellers also.
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