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KAWASAKI Founded in 1896, the sports industry was founded in 1915, more than 90 years, the world's leading science and technology to create outstanding performance sports products; one of the world's leading brand of classic. Japanese motorcycle production companies, the number of motorcycles and output value ranked fourth. The Kawasaki company's name is named with the name of Kawasaki, founder was hiding. The original Kawasaki is a shipyard, after World War II into the motorcycle industry, the Kawasaki motorcycle products is very unique, small production models, fine quality, high prices. The Kawasaki company does not produce low-emission motorcycle (50 mL level motorcycle), the commercial business of motorcycles and motorcycle sitting, but specializes in the manufacture of sports cars, racing, off-road racing, American cars and four-wheel all-terrain motorcycle car here you can find your favorite Kawasaki motorcycle Fairings, Go and put on a new set of clothes to your car.
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