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Suzuki Co., Ltd. was founded in 1920, has been developing steadily expanding since. The early fifties, from the initial launch of the moped Power Free "number, after the 125cc motorcycle Colleda" number, mini-cars to debut as a modern pioneer of the automobile revolution Suzulight, and both are full use of the most advanced technology the epoch-making product. particularly in the field of micro-car since 1973, it brand represented by the best-selling products to GSXR 600-750 and gsxr1000 micro car in 33 years, has been the first exclusive Japanese domestic sales. Suzuki Fairings is the second hot sold product on lkkmotor that selling motorcycle parts.Today, Suzuki automobiles, motorcycles, outboard engines, a variety of residential products, mainly associated with people's lives to advance steadily. Suzuki is popular not only in Japan, also welcomed and loved by the people of all countries in the world.
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